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Monday, January 09, 2006

Nothing like a deadline...

I work best with a deadline. Sure I can plan ahead and pace myself and work to a schedule but I find I really am deadline driven, even if it is self-imposed. Without a deadline I tend to think that I can do something else instead (and frequently, that's what I do!). Deadlines can be especially useful when I really feel like I don't want to do what I have to do.

Case in point - a project which has been on hiatus since November. It reached a point last year where I just couldn't bring myself to do another page - largely in part cos I was overloaded with too many other things but also in part cos I had lost the spark for it. That's nothing new for me, happens all the time and long time readers will know that too as I've pulled the plug on it on several occasions in the past. This time I decided on an actual advertised hiatus as opposed to total abandonment. Yet as the self-imposed date for resumption approached I found myself prevaricating bigtime.

I've had the last two and half weeks free from work and done pretty much nothing towards getting that show back on the road. Certainly there has been other things needing my attention and there have been other reasons that I couldn't - but there was a whole heap of time when I could, but didn't, do work on it. But the deadline approacheth and the closer it got the more I looked for something else to work on... until it was so close I couldn't ignore it any further.

Largely I was putting it off because I had felt so 'ack' about it when I went on hiatus, that feeling was still in my brain... it's an easily conditioned thing my brain. But yesterday I sat down, drafted 4 pages and then drew, lettered and coloured 2 whole pages. Not only did I draw some of my best stuff ever it was fun to do as well.

So, although I might have hoped to have the whole story finished by now, I've at least cracked my 'ack-ness' about it and it seems like a smoother sail as the story and series heads towards the finish line.



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