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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just Think

The guest story for Shaenon Garrity's webcomic Narbonic is now online - Just Think. It was written by T. Campbell with art by myself and 3D art by Joe Zabel. Here's the first panel - a close up of Dave...

For some reason, it's one of my favorite pieces from the material I contributed. It's a bit daunting doing guest art at the best of times, but when it's for a webcomic with the degree of popularity and acclaim as Narbonic it sort of raises the stakes somewhat. I feel happy with what I contributed to the effort, although in retrospect maybe would have changed some of it. But then, don't I always feel that way about pretty much everything I do!? At any rate, I had fun drawing it and it is a bit of a superhero romp in the Narbonic universe.

From the outset the intention was to do a simple B&W art-style and that really helps to heighten the difference between the real world action which I drew and the surreal sensory deprived experience Helen Narbon has in the 'White Room' courtesy of Joe Zabel's sublime 3D art.

Reader response via the Narbonic forums seems generally positive - some people found Helen's crazier moments a little dark for their tastes although other seem to think T nailed her psychological state quite well.



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