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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cast pages RULE!

Being a Sunday I've opted for a slightly less work intensive day Magellan-wise but have still done some stuff none the less! Mostly I have been working on the cast page... no wonder I have been putting it off, it is a rather time consuming enterprise. I've listed all the cadets who have shown up in some capacity at any point, including those who might have only ever been in one or two panels hundreds of pages ago. In addition to all of the freshers this also includes second, third, fourth and sixth year cadets - in total 42! Others to be added to the list include the faculty (eg Freya, Tom, etc), the academy (eg Mary/Glamour; Ken/Nitroman, etc), Force Magellan, Oz Magellan, Magellan USA and others (eg Go!Anna, Wombat-man, Brelvis, etc etc etc). All up I'm not even 25% of the way through the task but it is moving along at least. If I can do an hour a day it'll be finished before I know it... hopefully!



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