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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Progress report

It's been a while since the last post so I thought I'd give a brief update of developments. Everything is still go for Magellan to recommence updates in October as scheduled - YAY! In the meantime I'm starting to fix up a few other things that have been outstanding for a loooong time... mundane things like the cast page and consolidating the content across all mirror sites; and exciting things such as a little undertaking which, at this stage, I will only refer to mysteriously as "Project Omicron" (!) and a few other items which I won't get into listing just at the moment. But I figured it would be good to give a daily run-down of Magellany goodness to get me psyched and to get you psyched about the return of the comic on October 6...!

So, for instance, I spent a fair bit of time working on Project Omicron today... drafting up my fifth page to date. I really want to tell you more about this and I will right at the end of September, I expect you might be pleasantly excited! Also today I have finally pulled the finger out and started to seriously look a proper cast page - all previous attempts have been miserable, miserable failures. In past this has been because there are so many characters in Magellan that every time I attempt to identify them in even the most rudimentary way my brain melts down and I pathetically give up. I'm determined to see it through this time - in part the problem has been the format but I do believe I have hit on a solution this time so we shall see.

More news tomorrow!

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