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Thursday, January 19, 2006

When complexes collide...

The Ledger Awards "have been organised to acknowledge excellence in Australian comic art and publishing" - which probably makes them like the Eisners, Aussie style. Anyhow, Magellan has scored a nomination in the Jury Selection for 'Webcomic or Comic Strip of the Year' (which means 5 venerable cartoonists get to look at it and poke it with a stick and decide if it is worthy of that distinction). Surprisingly, I've also scored a nomination in the 'Talent Deserving Wider Recognition' category - which is a voter poll (that is, popularity contest) - this nomination cites me for both Magellan and Loxie & Zoot.

While I am over the moon about both of these nods I am also quaking in my boots. Of the two assessment methods I don't know which one fill me with greater dread. The problem is that I suffer from the standard artist inferiority complex... as soon as my work is really out there in the public domain (by which I mean, someone says - "Hey, everyone check this out - is this great or not?") I want to run away and stick my head in the sand. On the other hand, I also suffer from the standard artist superiority complex... of course my stuff is great and should win! Twice!!! (mwahahahah!) When the two complexes collide - look out! At least it isn't too long until a decision is made - the Awards will announced on January 26.

Here's the list and voting form. Voting appears to be open all but closes January 23 (Aussie time, we're a day ahead)... so, should you feel the inclination to cast a vote my way, that would be hugely neat! :D

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