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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So what do you call a dead blog?

I guess the internet must be littered with them. And it's probably clogged up with zombie blogs too... those that were dead and which get reanimated from time to time - usually only when the writer can be bothered, or is bored, or is depressed, or is procrastinating about something else or all of the above. Fortunately, for the moment, for me, it is none of the above.

OK - I am actually bored. But the current state of Sequential Daze (ie not updating) leads me to do some pondering over what happened to flat-line it in the first place...

Everything blogwise was doing quite well in the earlier part of the year then I just failed to update it. For the longest time I did intend to get back to it - but somehow I forgot I about it altogether as other life priorities took over. Before I knew it, it was eight months later! The other day something jogged my memory and today I checked it out. Oh yeah, there it is... still alive online on the internets! Had this blog been a small mammal instead it's fate would have no doubt been much more tragic.

Anyway. Is this a 'dead blog' or a 'zombie blog' or can it even become a 'made a full recovery blog'? Possibly the trick is to write smaller, less time consuming entries that are still worth reading. A challenge!



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