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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Deleted scene

This isn't so much a deleted scene as one that didn't really get off the drawing board beyond a few sketches - but I thought I'd share!

The Process
When I'm writing I sometimes write out a full script for the scene or sometimes I sketch it out as draft page or two. Usually when there's a lot of dialogue I prefer to script but when there's a lot of action I'll draft/sketch instead... it's generally easier that way. At any rate I'll always draft a page from a script before going to final art - just to ensure I get figures positioned properly and the right expresions and postures. Sometimes when the story changes gears, as has just happened after the "Karmaya gets caught" scene, I can find it a bit hard figuring out how to pick up the new thread and get it moving. Which is what happened here!

The Scene
Very originally I imagined that Kaycee would be sitting on the beach being a bit emo when suddenly Bill and/or Nadine would drop/zip in. The more I thought about it though the more I wondered whether that was rushing it and perhaps it needed a scene back at the robo-mat where Spence berates the cadets before letting them go. In part I was thinking I needed to address an issue about the cadets not training in armour (I found that comment in a reader's blog entry). The problem was that it was too expositionary and added nothing to the story... and the scene itself was just going to kill any momentum up to that point. I hadn't done much work on it by the time I decided to just go straight to the beach. I think I did the right thing but there were a couple of sketches I wanted to show... This one's pretty self-explanatory...

Spence enquires into Kaycee's whereabouts and Bill lies. As you'd know, Bill tells Kaycee he's done this in the beach scene and that's good enough for me. Besides I much prefer Kaycee's reaction "never asked you to lie for me". I did like the facial expressions in the draft though. In this one Nadine is pointing out something on her comm... the 'what' that might be will be obvious next week...

Nadine can be a hard character to draw and get right... that hair of hers can be a real pain (one day I'm going to shave it all off, that'll show her!!) I find I often have much better luck with drafts of her than I do the final art, which is annoying and I have no idea why it happens. Anyway, I really liked the simple way I captured her face (and hair!) in this sketch.

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