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Thursday, March 26, 2009

5.12: Understanding Terran Culture Support Group

The purpose of this scene will become a bit clearer over the next three pages - but I'm looking to refresh everyone's memories of a few characters and also expand the Magellan universe a bit more. Like I've mentioned, all of these characters have been seen at least once somewhere in the last 500 pages, this is a chance for some of them to get at least a few extra frames exposure, or even a few words of dialogue. It can be hard in a comic with so many characters to explore their backstory - for a few of them, like Fatima, the Zots, Chiq and Lyta that backstory is quite extensive I just haven't had an opportunity to tell it. Gifford is one of the few lucky characters to get a full origin tale.

Here's the cast info for the Understanding Terran Culture Support Group scene...
  • Jaqi Leffee: member of faculty; first significant appearance on page 4.149; teaches business studies and costume design.
  • Lyta: first year cadet; most notable appearance to date on pages 2.40 thru 2.44; she's a 'demi-goddess'from the realm of Arkan.
  • Gifford Foss: first year cadet; recently had his own origin story Reckless Hero; he's a Grorb goblin from the realm of Byron.
  • Chiq: first year cadet; he (yes... he) hasn't really had any notable appearances to date - but can be seen in the background of a number earlier scenes; he's an alien from the planet Pareya.
  • Jenna Zots: first year cadet; she also hasn't had any notable appearances so far but like wise has been seen in a few scenes; she's a Forn demoness from the realm of Fassique (a number of her people also live on Earth as refugees).
  • Briar O'Hennessy: second year cadet; glimpsed briefly on page 4.212; she's from the realm colloquially known as 'Centaur Ireland' since apparently it's almost the same as Ireland on Earth except everyone is a centaur/centauress.
  • Dane: member of faculty; briefly seen on page 1.19 (yes, a loooong time ago); it (genderless) teaches Xenology and hails from the planet Haaj.
  • Fatima Hussein: first year cadet; has had many notable appearances - like the one on pages 2.20-2.23 (which may or may not be relevant to the rest of this story...); she's a cephelamaid from the underwater kingdom PherNia (on Earth).
  • Polly Tenu: third year cadet; first notable appearance on page 4.161; she's a shape changer from the realm of Shlos.
  • V'reis Bol-lob Sier'v: third year cadet; first notable appearance was also on page 4.161; he's a phaser (ie. walks through solid objects) from the realm of Akti-itka.
  • Bif Zots: sixth year cadet; briefly glimpsed on page 1.16; like Jenna he's a Fassique Forn demon. They're cousins.


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