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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

5.05: I love the Photoshop Warp tool!

Today's update (5.05) features Oz Magellan's Good-Guy (aka Jacob Twain... I did give him a slightly different name in an earlier blog post but changed my mind - I'm fickle like that). His power is light based and as we'll see over the course of the story it has some interesting properties.

The GG symbol Good-Guy uses is a very basic affair I cooked up in Illustrator (ai). Despite its simplicity though it's a total bastard to draw and make it look right - so I decided that, in most instances I'd be drawing his chest blank and importing the ai file into photoshop and merging it with the artwork. Nice in theory but only when Good-Guy is standing straight and direct to the frame like he was in page 4. Page 5 was a whole different challenge. When he's side on or stooped over not even the distort tool in Photoshop (which gets the symbol to more or less the right overall shape) can make it look like it's really a part of his uniform.

Thank you Photoshop warp tool -it really helps to make it the symbol look as if it is form fitting and figure hugging. I might need a bit more practice but essentially it worked a treat on page 5.

See below...

I'm pretty sure they use this method for the Superman "S" symbol - I could be wrong but it looks like it to me...


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