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Monday, January 12, 2009

So much for the great commentary...

I had all these big plans to give a bit of commentary on the Bad Karma storyline and then nothing happened. grrr!

In large part it was because I was so busy working on current Magellan stuff, firstly the lettering on Jean-Fran├žois Poulin's art for the Gifford Foss story (lettering five pages a week is a lot more work than I had anticipated) and then three pages a week for the current Mindmistress crossover story. In amongst that I started working on the next Magellan story which will kick off after the crossover finishes - around early February.

I would still like to get to the commentary - I did actually make quite a go of it before Christmas but got totally bogged down in detail so I need to rethink the way I approach it. At any rate there's a great year for Magellan ahead - hope you can join in the fun and the mayhem. Will try my best to make this blog more of an ongoing concern too!


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