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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bad Karma - p208

Page 208 now online.

A switch in scenery back to Central Tower. The story will continue to cut between the various locations over the next several pages while I try to keep up with everything that's happening. A problem with the serialised action comic format is that it can take a lot of time to publish a short sequence of events and true to form Magellan has taken a number of months to move through what has effectively been one hour at Magellan Island. In fact most of the story in chapter four has taken place in a 24 hour time frame and has been spooling out now for almost two years!

So we're back at Central Tower now which is where Force Magellan and the 'Future Force' (or time travellers/ chroners) have come under attack by two of DragonKlaw's avatar dragons. This page picks up immediately after the last panel of the page we last saw the Central Tower action (page 195) - no relative time has passed between then and this new page. The action at South Tower (with Nadine, Sioni, Charisma and Bill) and at Security HQ (Kaycee, Vostok, Chang, Maya, Redd and Seth) has all been taking place more or less at exactly the same time.

Initially I found this latest page particularly difficult to get off the drawing-board. In large part the problem arose from the need to slot back into the scene at Central Tower without losing momentum. There's a need to re-orient the reader with a reminder of the bio-nexus (which the assembled witches and wizards haven't yet had a chance to start 'hacking' with their incantation) plus there's also Victory Man still tangling with the blue dragon avatar. And if I can say so, that drawing of Victory-Man came up pretty well, eh?! Also, I like having Ranger Bill call him V-M Two - it's about as casual as you can while facing imminent death!

Anyway, there's a lot going on and it isn't about to let up for our heroes and heroines any time soon!


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