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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bad Karma - p204

New update went up yesterday - page 4.204! This one came in just under the wire. It's lucky that Sydney has switched to summer time and daylight savings has finished in Texas (where the Graphic Smash server sits) - as this gives me a whole extra two hours to work on a page before the auto-updater kicks in. I'd like to be a lot further ahead in my work schedule - have a buffer of pages even - but it just doesn't seem to happen that way. The pressure of a deadline is a definite motivator but I think I need to move a bit beyond that.

Anyway, I thought I'd provide some commentary on the page... it may end up having spoilers so perhaps read the update before you continue...

So it looks like Seth has been pretty badly hurt. Seth is the kind of character that doesn't seem to have been noticed much - admittedly his purpose to date has only been to pump out info (his name probably should have been Exposition Dude) and he doesn't strike much of an emotional chord as a result. Seth is a hard core nerd and probably spends most of his free time gaming or hacking or cracking or solving calculus or whatever it is hard core nerds enjoy doing. He's a decent guy though!

Vostok is in peril too. His robot's fish bowl head has cracked open, spilling him onto the ground where he is as helpless as any fish out of water. (I added the 'flop flop' sound FX for extra dramatic effect!) Vostok is another character that I created in a kind of off-hand way to fill a specific role (refer: Seth, above) but who has quickly developed a cult persona all his own - I enjoy writing for him and the readers appear to dig him immensely. If I was DC or Marvel I'd be preparing a Vostok 8 issue mini-series- there is a massive back story for this little guy that I would so love to tell. Stretched as I am work wise, the chance of that happening are very slim... but there might be another solution. More on that, if and when it happens!

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