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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ego puff!

Some time ago I dropped off leaflets promoting Magellan into my local comics store and asked if they could display them somewhere on the counter. (They said yes, BTW.) One of the workers there said she'd check out my webcomic. Cool! Several weeks later I asked if she had but she confessed to having lost the leaflet and web address, so hadn't - but did ask for the URL again which I dutifully supplied. Not wanting to seem like I was badgering her though I never asked again if she had read it. If she was going to read it she was going to read it, I figured.

Yesterday, over a year later, I walked into the store to buy my weekly stash of comicky goodness and got greeted with a very enthusiastic "Hey! I finally read your comic and had a real blast!!" That was cool. Very cool! We talked a little bit about it - I mentioned that I had been hoping to self-publish before the recent Supanova Con in Sydney but that the plan got derailed by my poor planning and lack of finance. She said that I should look to Dark Horse since they had recently published the sublime Perry Bible Fellowship (and what a wonderful book it is). It's nice that she thought Magellan was in that kind of category - personally, I'm not expecting any offers from Dark Horse any time soon... but I did leave the store with a small ego boost all the same!


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