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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Karma - p207

Page 4.207 now online!

And so we say goodbye to Vostok... or do we? Most readers probably had a strong inkling that Vostok was going to do a runner (as much as floating bright green gerkin with fluoro-pink tendrils can do a runner) as soon as Kaycee eyed off that toilet door at the end of the last page. Or at least, the readers leaving comments had a fairly strong inkling. How far Vostok gets will remain to be seen!

Of course the main issue here, especially from Kaycee's point of view, is that this is another bungle. Things haven't been going very well for her in this story: the increasingly horrendous hallucinations and nightmares at the worst possible time; being brushed off by her idol and inspiration Go!Anna; derailing her teams tactical training exercise in the Robo-Mat; and now losing Vostok - all with the threat of a reassessment of her cadetship hanging over her head. And since she doesn't realise the reassessment came about due to the machinations of Karma/future Maya/Miasma she's going to be feeling the pressure right about now.


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