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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad Karma - p205

A new page of Magellan - 4.205 - online. As mentioned in the last blog entry I'll be blabbing about this new page, might contain spoilers, etc!

So now the crunch is on - six characters (Kaycee, Chang, Maya, Redd (Justine Kef), Seth and Vostok) with a dragon soon to be breathing down their necks. Redd is a decisive in-charge trainer - like Seth her role is fairly functional and she doesn't have a strongly nuanced emotionally driven character. Her background is somewhat a blank, although I do have a fairly extensive back story for her - and I did mention in the comment thread on GS that her red skin and hair colour manifested at the same time as her super strength power did in her early teens.

Redd is able to focus the very green cadets (they've only been training at Magellan for about two months after all) to the task at hand. An experienced wizard or witch would have had Seth free with a wave of the hand but for Chang his repertoire of spells is limited and he's having trouble thinking past the last spell he cast - see Red Team vs Evil Weevil. Maya had been panicking when the dragon struck initially but has recovered enough to take direction and to take the initiative in using her illusion powers to relieve Seth's pain.

As for the illusion Maya transports Seth into, it probably says a lot more about Maya than it does about Seth. All illusions she creates are manifestations of her own mind rather than the other way around.

Kaycee meanwhile, having been in a hallucination when the dragons first appeared, emerging abruptly from the hallucination following Vostok's psychic intervention is somewhat disoriented and still a bit in shock. Nevertheless, she is still able to snatch up Vostok and seek to save him from 'suffocation'. I should note that I had her inform Redd of Vostok's peril rather than just dashing out the door on a rescue mission because it would stand to reason Kaycee wouldn't necessarily know if Vostok was a plain water, salt water or some other liquid solution dwelling alien lifeform.


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