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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad Karma - p209

Page 4.209 now online - sorry this post has been a bit slow!

Relevant to issues raised in the previous post (ie trying to re-establish the scene, move the story along - all without losing momentum) this page touches base with most of the junior cadets in page 4.181... some 28 pages ago! Despite the fact there are so many characters floating around already I'm never adverse to introducing more... especially when it helps round out the reading experience!

I think it helps to flesh out this large epic world too - if we think of how many people we come into contact with at most educational institutions (whether it be school, college, university an academy, etc) it's a sizable number of folk. Ninety percent of them we can never remember the name of anyway but we might remember their face from somewhere. To that end I'm trying not to draw too many random generic faces in the background... a face seen in the background might very well pop up again later in a slightly expanded role.

So what is the purpose of Hamish and Janice and Ali and Yuki (not seen on this page)? At the moment it's nothing more than friendship and camaraderie for Montana-Rose and Jemima. They're peers (all being witch and wizard super hero cadets) and, because of this, probably more significant in the lives of Montana-Rose and Jemima than their follow first year classmates.

Another thing about this page was an attempt to show how Freya's 'vybe' ability ( the power to change people's emotional state) could be used effectively to calm the nerves of people in stressful situations. Probably quite useful!

Also, we get to see Hoodoo in action summoning the Fiery Scimitar of Qod. This was a fun sequence to draw and the last panel is admittedly rather much more comic-book like however it seems to work nicely with the sudden explosion of bright warm colours. Given that not much is known about these characters (Vertigo and Hoodoo) - I'm still shaping them and discovering aspects of them myself - it's exciting to be able to add this element to what Hoodoo does (so far we've only seen her teleport before this). In part this is what the avatar sequences are all about - adding some physical action but also showing what these super heroes can do and how they work together.


  • This is why Xavier's School is so much more plausible in the movies than it is in the comics: with more than five students, it actually feels like a SCHOOL.

    By Blogger Your Obedient Serpent, at 4:06 am  

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