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Friday, February 20, 2009

5.02: Beware... Monsters!

We get a sneek peek at the chapter 5 antagonists. It's very early days yet so I'm not going to say too much at the moment but there are two things...
  1. I really hope I can tell this story in a way that avoids it from becoming just your basic 'monster of the week' outing... I don't think it will be but I need to know if it is, so someone tell me m'kay? The monsters are actual characters (rather than just dumb homicidal monsters) so that might help.
  2. The monster characters are based on a design for one of my first real attempts at a superhero comic which I started many, many years ago. Like most of my projects in the 1990s it never got past 2 pages, but I saved those pages and the development/evolution of these early characters has taken Chapter 5 in some very interesting directions. Once the story has advanced a few more pages I'll share the 1990s designs (and even the original 2 pages)...
Page 2 is a bit graphic... I would always advise that Magellan carries a "strong violence content" warning. Obviously not all the time, I don't believe in non-stop full-force force violence (yawn) but when you least expect it... lookout! One reader emailed me to say he almost lost his lunch... so was it a bit too much? Let me know!


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