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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Charisma on Twitter!

I should probably have my head examined for this... charisma_E is using Twitter ...and in some bizarre 4th wall breach our universe's Twitter is somehow relaying her feed! Spooky.

Will be an interesting experiment. I know that John Allison tried something similar with Shelly Winters (aka Dr Lady Sounds) one of his Scary-Go-Round characters but pulled the plug on it after a couple of weeks.

Anyway, check it out - Ms Pop Princess just started her account yesterday and already there's 50+ tweets.

I'm having a total blast with this so far. Let's see how long the novelty lasts! I've not paid all that much attention to Twitter in the past although I can see it's an interesting way of communicating and now I've dabbled a bit I really like the 140 character limit a lot more than I thought I would. It's ideally suited to Charisma too!

The stepping on point was just a few hours prior to the events of the Bad Karma storyline and I'm attempting some in narrative tweeting here... Charisma's tweets might sound familiar because they're referencing events that have already happened from the point of view of the Magellan webcomic reader. What's been really fun about it is that I've retold the events between pages 4.39 and 4.277 as they unfolded in real time using Charisma tweets! Those 236 pages covered a day in Magellan time and took me well over 2.5 years to tell - but about 30 posts over 20 hours on Twitter. So far there have been plenty of cameos from other characters too.

If you want to read from the start you'll have to go to the latest page, scroll to the bottom and click on "More"... and just keep clicking back until there's no more "More". It seems that there is no way of linking to the first post in a way that will then allow readers to then move through the rest of the archive - Twitter could really learn a thing from webcomics which handle archives and navigating thru first/previous/next/current updates a lot better.

So where to next? I definitely won't keep up the pace of updates... once the excitement of the dragon attack wears off and everything settles back to "normal" or what passes for it at Magellan then it'll probably be about 1-2 tweets a day. I still have the next 10 or so days leading up to the ceremony (and we all know how Charisma feels about that!). Beyond that... who knows? There is a certain incident in about two months time that involves a certain blue energy entity and a firebreathing Gabby. Let's see if I can make it that far!


  • Hi again, St..xmung! I just wanted to drop by again saying how much I love your work, your universe, your passion and your dedication to it all.

    Yes, and to tell you right here how awesome your Charisma Twitter is. In fact, it is the sole reason for me finally joining that strange Twitter bandwagon.

    Keep it up! :-D

    By Anonymous jymset, at 8:09 am  

  • Hey! Thanks for that.

    Yeah, the twitter thing is an interesting experiment - possibly a bit distracting for all involved, but fun. One thing that I think will bear fruit is that it's already forcing me to think about the minutia of life on Magellan and the interaction between the characters - specifically how they interact with Charisma and she with them. I'm not quite sure why I chose her as the springboard for this, certainly she's not the most sympathetic of characters (pathetic, more like it) - but it does allow me some room for fun at her expense.

    I do expect to add more layers to her personality as time progresses, as much as the restricted writing format allows. Notice for example all action has to be written in past tense, since she's writing about something that's happened. There are large gaps in the narrative since she can't really be tweeting and dealing with a crisis at the same time. All we learn about a particular event or place or person is what she chooses to share.

    By Blogger xmung, at 10:49 am  

  • Charisma really is interactive?!?!

    Oh man, you have just made my WEEK!!!!

    By Anonymous jymset, at 7:19 pm  

  • Haha - well maybe not 100% but as long as her ego is suitably massaged I'm sure she'll stay responsive.

    I admit it's a bit strange replying "in character". John Alison, when writing about his decision to axe his Shelly "Dr Ladysounds" Winters Twitter experiment said, in part: " people started to comment on the posts I felt bad that they did not receive responses. At the same time I started to feel like some kind of cyber transvestite pretending to be a lady when I even thought about responding. It was too real. Much too real." I know where he's coming from! But I'm happy to play Charisma in response to comments as long as it doesn't get weird! lol

    By Blogger xmung, at 7:47 pm  

  • Well, we do have the added bonus of being able to contact the real xmung via blog, email or forum (sadly, not me, until I get active enough to badger one of the admins).

    transvestite xmung, lol indeed!

    but don't worry, the last in-character tweets were as risqué as jymset would ever go.

    By Anonymous jymset, at 10:10 pm  

  • I know a lot of people were having problems registering with/using the forum for one reason or another which is annoying. This blog more or less replicates most posts to the forum to give readers another avenue to comment/feedback/ask questions, etc.

    Re Twitter - the tweetpic function adds a whole new fantastic dimension to this project! I'll see if I can add a new Charisma every once a week or so. Will give some interesting looks into Magellan life and events not necessarily seen in the main comic...

    By Blogger xmung, at 9:57 am  

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