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Monday, August 23, 2010

Practicing Zen

So I was doing more work on the Cast Page today. Probably had done about an hours worth of really good, productive work; so of course I was fully engrossed in what I was doing and forgot to save for about 45 minutes or so (not every 5-10 that I do usually)... and of course the computer decided to crash meaning I lost most of that work. Many swear words were said. Then I just decided to turn it all off and walk away and forget about it. Just be Zen, not worth getting my blood in a boil over it. But I gotta say it was really disappointing.

Did some more writing on the Chapter 5 story today too. I'm now outlining how the transmogs became how they are. I think I can say that without it being a spoiler of anything. It's a fairly traumatic, horrifying sequence... how do I think of this stuff?? Sometimes I have to wonder about what goes on in my brain. Anyway, I'm happy with the progress of the story - the hiatus was needed in large part due to massive writer's block. Can't do any cartooning with that sitting in the way. Seems to be mostly resolved now.

Having calmed down from the earlier Cast Page disaster I decided to spend a bit more time on it later today. Instead of working on the stuff I'd lost I instead worked on the villain section: the bad, the mean and the nasty! And there sure has been some nasty pieces of work in Magellan... Master Drake, the Q'Arth demons, DragonKlaw and Miasma. I've even included the Red Path Ninja who cut a swathe through Chapter 3. Charmers one and all!

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