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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Captain Victoria & Wombat-Man

To help you remember the threads involving these two characters - Luke (Wombat-Man) McDonald and Vicky (Captain Victoria) Bourke - I'd highly recommend reading all of Chapter 3. It's only 42 pages so won't take you too long!

The following is all the relevant character info for Captain Victoria which is recycled from a much earlier post in the forum but worth digging up for her return to the storyline...

Captain Victoria: aka Vicky Bourke
Team affiliation: Oz Magellan (Australian based Magellan group)
Graduated from Magellan Academy: 2003 (same year as Go!Anna and Freya Foster)
Abilities: g-n+ (born genetically enhanced); strength (x15); invulnerability (x3) and flight (NB. she's not as strong as someone like Wombat-man for example)

I kind of like how this costume design came out especially once I added the colours (silver and blue) which are the Victorian state colours BTW.

I should note that this costume is possibly one of only a very few 'bathing suit' varieties so far depicted in Magellan. At least it's not a cleavage enhancement device... I never could work out how some other companies' superheroines keep their breasts inside their costumes!

Just a character note...

Captain Victoria is in the vein of those characters who name themselves after nations, except she's named herself after a state in Australia (ie. Victoria) it would be like having a Captain California, or a Captain Yukon, or a Captain Oxford... you get the idea! Wink

She's dressed in the state colours of blue and silver.

She is a graduate of Magellan (she is from the same year as Go!Anna, Luke and Freya) and is currently a team member of Oz Magellan.

I'll look at getting something together about Wombat-Man too...


  • What I love about Captain Victoria is that she has a more conventional Marvel-type costume, but still shows a much more realistic (pleasant) physique that is clearly in the vein of your other art.

    It is another one of your strong points (no doubt honed through your other comic) that these characters are not just interchangeable cardboard cut-outs.

    I am really into the current storyline; the realisation that Mongel's father was involved, that Captain Vic is his associate and that this seed was planted in Chapter 2... whoa, real Keyser Söze moment there! And I usually pride myself on getting the majority of your little hints and cross-references.

    But re-reading the pages of the link you gave today (about Red Center) makes me realise just how much I am dying to read about a (temporary) resolution of chapter 3!

    Oh, Magellan has more than enough story in it for the next several years!!!

    Good times for your fans. :-)

    By Anonymous jymset, at 6:42 pm  

  • Thanks! One of the things I personally find satisfying about working with the Magellan-verse is that I made it so huge from the outset (it would kind of be like starting Marvel comics from the 1980s rather than 1960s, if you know what I mean - in the 1960s all the characters were knew, hadn't formed groups or alliances and had no history... but by the 1980s they had).

    Anyway, the breadth of the Magellan set-up allows for the kind of thing you're talking about. I mentioned in this earlier post that, although it was based on a concept I had in 1993, "(this current)story became something much, much more than the 1993 version could or ever would have been" and in large part that's because it had nothing to do with Oz Magellan, Captain Victoria, Professor Lonsdale, the Magellan cadets etc... it was just a standard monster story.

    Having all those other elements will, I hope, take everyone into a much more rewarding story - especially as regards some of the themes started in the first 20 or so pages...

    By Blogger xmung, at 10:03 pm  

  • Ok, here we go:

    Prof. Lonsdale was not working at Gen-Ex back when Brian and Elvis turned into Brelvis.

    He was recruited/ asked to join after Brelvis escaped. He was funded to create more experiments in order to find out about their properties. I don't know the status of Gen-Ex (government, private) or why Captain Vic is there. Ie, I don't know the integrity of her moral code and can only guess at the ulterior motives of the company.

    Prof. Lonsdale is likely looking for a way to revert his son's condition.

    The above speculation both ties in with the first chapter of your comic and explains why the female fiend of the 4 mutants looks like Brelvis' sister.

    There, these are my hypotheses. I am so very much looking forward to it all!

    Oh and another thing also appropriate for a Captain Victoria blog entry: I can't believe Luke and her are actually kinda steady right now!

    By Anonymous jymset, at 4:06 am  

  • LOL - them and half the other people going steady in the world! As for the accuracy of your summary... we shall see, we`shall see...!

    By Blogger xmung, at 5:58 am  

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