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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two steps forward... one step back...

Having spent time at the writing desk yesterday I had a bit of a rethink about some of those pages and rewrote them today. I'm not a fan of the info-dump style of story telling and found that's exactly what I had been doing. Anyway I cut out some of what I had written about the origin of the transmogrified freaks and compacted it - at the same time a fair bit of the horror element I was describing, and a tad uneasy about, yesterday has been scrubbed from it as a result. What really has to happen is that I need to sort out exactly how it's all going to finish... I've had a vague idea ever since page one, but not the exact blow by blow details. It's good though, Worst Field Trip Ever is finally coming together - and one thing's for sure, it's not going to finish under 100 pages, probably closer to 120-130. I don't want it to go on for too much longer though.

I've been reading back over a lot of older material of late and it kind of feels that some element of the earlier Magellan stories is missing from Worst Field Trip either. I think in large part it's because stories like Great Leap Forward and especially Bad Karma were more expansive with more cadets and the likes of Charisma, Billy, Sioni, Maya etc and their interaction and snarking. Some of the other cadets were meant to fill those roles in this story (Joe, Louis, Jenna, Gifford, Maya) but they've been out of commission for most of it. hmmm. hmmm. hmmm...

Also continued work on the cast page... gonna be working on that thing forever. Started to work on an improved archive page... given there are 500+ pages in the archive I think I'll be working on that for a while too!

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