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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sydney Supanova update

Preparations continue for Supanova - I took delivery today of the promotional 8 page comics (well, 10 pages - 'cos there's a wrap around cover) titled What Goes Up. They look rather spiffy. I ended up pushing the cover price up to $AU2. I can hear the jaws of US readers (and probably all readers) hitting the floor... but a bit of perspective, it's larger than standard comic page size, better quality paper, that's $AU not $US... most new release US comics cost us poor Australians between $6 & $7.50 (after importation and currency conversion) so $2 compares pretty well... and also, most importantly, it's 8 pages of Magellan awesomeness!

Another consideration in the setting of the price higher was that I didn't want to run out of copies 2 hours into the first day... and a low price would no doubt have resulted in that. As it is, they look so great I'm concerned I might still sell out before the end of the weekend. We'll see - after all it's possible I mightn't sell more than ten or so (over the last few years I've certainly seen lots of long faces in Artist Alley on Sunday arvo when they realise there's no way they're going to sell that stack of copies they'd optimistically expected to offload prior to the convention). Will I sell or all or none? Reality might lie somewhere in between. Whatever I don't sell at Supanova I'll try and sell via the web... and might give a few away as prizes.

I also had a large poster produced (from the cover of Bad Karma) to act as a backdrop for my half of the table. I just need to fix up some extra hand outs and a special webpage and I should be good to go.

Will stick up some pics as I get them.


  • How did it go?

    How much did you sell?

    Is there a chance for a hapless German fan to acquire a sample of your print work?

    What about that poster? :-D

    Oh yeah, way too late, but: Freya Foster (though really, Fatima Hussein, too).

    To late to get a cookie?


    By Anonymous jymset, at 6:20 pm  

  • It was an interesting weekend where I spent most of both days on my feet trying to engage passers by by thrusting leaflets at them. Position is everything - and my table, whilst in a fairly busy thoroughfare was also at a T-intersection so people would often suddenly change direction before I had a chance to engage them. Also, the thoroughfare was wide so there was plenty of opportunity for them to ignore me completely from the other side, or to just get away in general. Oh well... that was frustrating but I was still able to engage with a lot of people. I managed to sell about a third of the stock... not as much as I had hoped to, but I did give away about 200-250 fliers so I'm hoping some of them will check out the website and read the comic and become new readers.

    I did have one reader come up to me on Saturday (hi, Aaron!) but that was it... Sydney is a fairly small market and I was essentially a Z-list celebrity... oh well!

    I'll be running a couple of competitions in a week or so to give away some of the remaining copies. Not the poster though, that was a one-off and very pricey to produce. More news on the competitions soon! :D

    By Blogger xmung, at 7:03 am  

  • I am kinda sorry to hear about that - your disappointment is obvious and justified. So, only one Sydney reader? If you have more, they should be ashamed of themselves! :-D ;-)

    To my defense, a trip from Germany would have been mondo cool, but rather impractical and financially.... erm.... fatal.

    I am looking forward to the competitions; would you consider simply selling your mini-comics online? Surely, you'll have a more convincing resonance there?

    By Anonymous jymset, at 5:39 pm  

  • Well, to give some perspective... about 4% of my overall readership is in Australia and that covers a very large area so I don't know what percentage of those live in Sydney and of those, what percentage were able to make it to Supanova and/or even knew I was there anyway. Like I say... Sydney is a small market and even though there were a good few thousand people there over the two days the likelihood of them having even heard of webcomics, let alone Magellan, was very, very slim. There were a lot of parents there with their children, a lot of hard core anime fans... but not Magellan fans it would seem! LOL

    Maybe I should do what Shaennon Garrity did for her webcomic Narbonic - which was hold annual Narbonicons! They look like they were very informal and lots of fun, apparently attended by other webcartoonists, etc. Issues with gaining any attendees aside I'm not sure a Sydney based "Magellicon" would be successful... I'm probably nowhere near as much fun to hang around with as Shaennon!
    I'll probably sell any remaining stock online... stay tuned. I'll announce a competition next week. It'll be something fairly "simple" like a treasure hunt...

    By Blogger xmung, at 6:36 pm  

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