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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Things are still on track for Magellan updates to recommence on Wednesday October 6. Yay! At this stage updates will only be once a week because I can’t guarantee more than that – I’ve found that having more breathing space for story writing and artwork was a blessed relief over rushing to finish pages, updating late or missing weeks altogether.

There are a couple of other separate Magellan based projects in development at the moment – one of which I can reveal today… Force Magellan’s witch extraordinaire, Hoodoo, will be joining forces with other webcomic superheroes in the reality spanning epic adventure Crossoverkill which will kick off next month. Crossoverkill is a colaborative effort between myself and the talented webcartoonists of Mindmistress, Bad Guy High, Fusion, Energize, Majestic Knight and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki… plus other guests.

Even if you’ve been reading Magellan for a while, you’d be excused if you couldn’t place Hoodoo from the previous goings on within the webcomic – so for veterans and newbies alike I’ve put together a Who is Hoodoo page to get you up to speed. She emerged as a fan fave during the Bad Karma storyline (well, three or five fans said they really liked her, so that counts as a fan fave, right?). For those of you already familiar with her you might have noticed that she has changed her costume from blue to a red theme which will debut in Crossoverkill.

I can’t give away too many details about Crossoverkill just yet, but it’s planned to kick off on October 10 and I’ll keep reminding you to check it out during it’s run.

More Magellan news in the run up to October 6!

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  • Great to see your back. It be greater if you would open a page Facebook or Twitter so we could know when you do an update instead of naging you all the time...

    By Blogger Jean-Francois Poulin, at 4:56 am  

  • I'm setting up a new site at which will have a much better RSS feed than Graphic Smash - once I bed everything else down to my satisfaction I will probably feed it thru Feedburner and then into Twitter for auto-tweets, although I don't expect I'll be doing any tweeting myself.

    By Blogger xmung, at 6:31 am  

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