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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5.43 - ATTACK!!

Both Kaycee and Go! miss their chance to save the day and so today's update kicks off "Newb cadets v Oz Magellan and freaky monsters"! Who will win??

I was quite happy with how the last panel of page 5.43 turned out - there's a fair bit happening but it's not too confusing. I had hoped to include everyone but couldn't squeeze in Lin-Lin, Bif or Joe.

Anyway there will be plenty of action for the next few pages!


  • I *LOVE* the shirt on Brelvis in panel 1! :-)

    Something tells me things might get inturresting between him and "SNIFFING HAIrY GUrrL"...
    I wonder what it'll look like if these two spar in the next page?

    And yes, that last panel works great.
    I notice Maya seems already prepared to react. WOO-HOO! GO MAYA!
    (Um... yes, I have a slight fondness for Maya. Writing a fanfic about her might have let slip a clue or two. ;-)

    By Blogger Pascal [P-04referent], at 4:28 pm  

  • "SSS" :-)
    Nice work with the little touches!

    Suuuure. Start by hitting the little guy. [tsk!] Typical.
    Even when they're newly mind-controlled heroes, bad guys are all the same: bullies.
    But I wouldn't count the little cadet out just yet.

    It'll be interesting to see whether that state of hypnotic mind control affects the fighting capacities of OzMagellan, especially their sense of initiative. GG didn't seem too efficient without orders, on that radio call incident a few minutes ago...

    By Blogger Pascal [P-04referent], at 4:37 pm  

  • "A mighty wind", LOL! Priceless!

    And here we see, twice, why Kaycee earned the honor of becoming Magellan's first Norm cadet.
    I'm guessing "Alpha 9" means "evasive action", possibly with an added "radio for backup". Which GG really should have done before entering that sewer!
    So, what does Kaycee do? Send Brelvis into an evac of downed and lightweight Gifford. Who might wake up and then inform the outside world about the so far secret situation. And even if Brelvis gets pursued, he'll be a distraction, helping the chances of others fleeing their own way, with the help of that smoke bomb which she now seems to always have ready (and who could blame her, after Chapter 4?).

    Are you sure you're not about to rename your series "The Amazing Adventures of Kaycee, the super-heroine with no powers"?

    Have you changed Fatima's eyes too?
    Not to speak negatively of people, but that exclamation of hers sounds very much like she's cussing in her native tongue. (I've grasped a few basic notions of Cephalomermish while vacationing in Atlantis last year.)

    By Blogger Pascal [P-04referent], at 11:37 am  

  • Sorry, I meant to reply sooner - things are hectic in RL as well as in the comic at the moment. Trying to break down an action sequence amongst so many characters which, if played out for real would probably take a total one or two minutes of time has become an interesting challenge. Mostly it will be onomatopoeia, grunting and other sounds such as "ugh". I decided not to detail what Alpha-9 means in Magelanese but you're essentially correct. They probably have a code for every potential contingency - pi-6="look into the magic scrying stone but with only your left eye and with your right foot on the glowy crystal thing"... god knows that would have come in handy at the time.

    And you're also correct about Fatima's exclamation - it's also not the first time she's used it - page 4.215... I believe it has something to do with doing unpleasant things with/to jellyfish. But I haven't changed her eyes... it's probably just how I put the glint and now that you mention it I'm not all that happy with it.

    "Magellan" is, and has always been, shorthand for "The Amazing Adventures of Kaycee, the super-heroine with no powers"...

    By Blogger xmung, at 6:31 pm  

  • [heh] Yes, these Hollywood people always make these action scenes seem so easy, don't they? Trust me, I've tried countless times to swing across a chasm with a galactic princess in my arms and hundreds of stormtroopers firing simultaneously at us, but EVERY DARN TIME one of them manages to hit us just by shooting at random. Pesky statistics! [Lucky thing it was just VR Training, huh?]
    Now me only swing on jungle vines with naked babe in arms and no more than twelve jealous monkeys lobbing mangos. Only five if them throw coconuts. It am pro tip from my friend Jeorge.

    Mostly it will be onomatopoeia, grunting and other sounds such as "ugh".
    Hey, that doesn't make it any less work for an author dedicated to proper English! Hugh. Mocking Owl has spoken.

    "pi-6[...] god knows that would have come in handy at the time."
    Yeah, you don't have to remind ME!
    (moan) I think I'm still missing a few shards of my soul after THAT one.

    "it has something to do with doing unpleasant things with/to jellyfish."
    What, you mean there are things one can do with/to jellyfish that are NOT totally unpleasant?!??
    Hunh. Well, how about that. You learn every day.

    But I'm guessing said peasant things have VERY LITTLE to do with dancing the lambada. Just a hunch.
    That, and I still have a 4mm long mark on my skin after more than 20 years of a very slight contact!
    I'd love to meet with Fatima. We Lebanese LOVE to trade cussings as part of cultural exchanges.

    "Magellan" is, and has always been, shorthand for "The Amazing Adventures of Kaycee, the super-heroine with no powers"...
    Well, as an acronym it sounds a little more cryptic than TAAOK-TSHWNP... but it has a nicer ring to it, I'll give you that. Sounds slightly less Thraxlian, but after all the story IS located on planet Earth.

    By Blogger Pascal [P-04referent], at 12:34 pm  

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