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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Maybe you've heard of the 'Garfield comic strip fad' in which Garfield's thoughts are deleted from the strip thereby creating a new comic which only contains dialogue (if any at all) from Jon Arbuckle the hapless dude who cohabits with the cat (to call him Garfield's owner seems somehow inaccurate). At any rate, doing so adds a whole new slant on the comic - in theory Jon isn't meant to be able to hear Garfield's thoughts anyway, so what's really going on in his lonely loser life?

Apparently efforts to establish archives of 'refitted' strips has met with 'cease and desist' orders (this may or may not be true), however to side-step this one enterprising guy has set up Arburckle in which an original strip is redrawn by himself or other artists... with some interesting results. Overall they're quite amusing although I found some to be sad in a very touching way... this one for example!

I'm usually one to miss fads and skip the bandwagon but I couldn't resist in this instance. Since I had a spare hour I whipped one up for submission. The request is that any submission shouldn't duplicate anything previously submitted - and I thought I had picked one previously untouched and sent it in. Here's my effort...

(I'm not sure why Blogger is reducing the size of it... should be bigger than that, hopefully I can fix it at some point). Anyway, of course I chose one that had already been done! At this stage I'm not sure if mine will make it to the site but I thought I'd share.