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Friday, September 25, 2009

Back & Forth

Usually when the story gets to a certain point there isn't much I can add via commentary... stuff is happening and that's about it. Despite that, I haven't said much for a while so I should say that the current batch of pages are all about trying to advance the story at a reasonable pace. Cutting between Kaycee and Fatima/Tom and Freya/the Mutates and Oz Magellan HQ allows me to avoid some exposition and allows each participant to be further advanced in the story after each cut. Haven't tried anything like this before, will be interesting to see how it works out - hopefully it doesn't end up being a confusing mess but I thin it's working out OK so far...

Wombat-Man Fan Art

(Just realised I hadn't posted this to the blog and really should have...)
Check out this awesome fan-art of Wombat-Man by Joey here...

Apart from the fan-art comp I ran earlier this year it's been so long since I received any freely offered fan-art I'd almost forgotten what fan-art was...! And then, out of the blue I got this wonderful, wonderful piece from Joey

Check more of his art: