sequential daze

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sydney Supanova update

Preparations continue for Supanova - I took delivery today of the promotional 8 page comics (well, 10 pages - 'cos there's a wrap around cover) titled What Goes Up. They look rather spiffy. I ended up pushing the cover price up to $AU2. I can hear the jaws of US readers (and probably all readers) hitting the floor... but a bit of perspective, it's larger than standard comic page size, better quality paper, that's $AU not $US... most new release US comics cost us poor Australians between $6 & $7.50 (after importation and currency conversion) so $2 compares pretty well... and also, most importantly, it's 8 pages of Magellan awesomeness!

Another consideration in the setting of the price higher was that I didn't want to run out of copies 2 hours into the first day... and a low price would no doubt have resulted in that. As it is, they look so great I'm concerned I might still sell out before the end of the weekend. We'll see - after all it's possible I mightn't sell more than ten or so (over the last few years I've certainly seen lots of long faces in Artist Alley on Sunday arvo when they realise there's no way they're going to sell that stack of copies they'd optimistically expected to offload prior to the convention). Will I sell or all or none? Reality might lie somewhere in between. Whatever I don't sell at Supanova I'll try and sell via the web... and might give a few away as prizes.

I also had a large poster produced (from the cover of Bad Karma) to act as a backdrop for my half of the table. I just need to fix up some extra hand outs and a special webpage and I should be good to go.

Will stick up some pics as I get them.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sydney Supanova 27-28 June

It's convention time again - woo! I know that a percentage of my readers are in Sydney, Australia... hopefully some of you are going to the Sydney Supanova next weekend. I'll be there, sharing a stall with my webcartooning bud Noemz of Zeera the Space Pirate. If you are there I'd love nothing more than for you do drop around to our table in Artists Alley (table G) and say hi!

This year, amazingly, I actually have something to sell - an 8 page comic with a full colour excerpt of this scene from chapter 2 of Magellan. It'll sell for the princely sum of 75c and also have a wrap around cover featuring new art...

It's essentially a promotional publication, but I'm also doing it to prove to myself that I can and finally get something in print. Magellan is not easy to publish, the chapters are all lengthy and full colour and as such quite costly to print.

The first people who come up to me on both Saturday and Sunday and tells me who their fave Magellan character is will get a free signed copy of the comic.