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Friday, August 14, 2009

CROSSOVERLORD: Rochelle & Charisma cameo

For any readers familiar with The Crossoverlord this may be old news... the cover image for the latest chapter is a brilliant take on the Crisis on Infinite Earths' death of Supergirl cover and features a whole grab-bag of webcomic superheroes... including Magellan's very own Rochelle Kwon and Charisma Epoch. Check it out here... see if you can spot them without using the reference guide.

In fact Charisma's appearance is a bit of an error - Al Schroder, who as you know is the cartoonist behind Mindmistress (also one of the lead characters in The Crossoverlord and seen in the pages of Magellan here) suggested to cover artist Neil Purcell (of Daisen) to use "Rochelle and Epoch" but Neil's (self-confessed) unfamiliarity with Magellan and my own hugely inadequate cast page meant he ended up using Charisma instead. Oh well! I don't mind... and I'm certainly sure that Charisma doesn't mind!! Score one for her over her father, eh?

Great cover, Neil!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

5.45-5.46: The battle continues...!

The battle so far has taken less than a minute so anything could happen!

We've seen a bit of what the Forn can do now - control of the elements... with "the elements" being earth, wind, fire, water. I had an email from one reader saying "ugh, more magic", however the Forn's control is no more mystical than Storm's is of weather, or Terra's is of earth, or the Human Torch's of fire... it's an ability inherent in all Forn like singing is in humans, it's just that some Forn can do it much better than others (like singing in humans!). Jenna's down for the count but we'll get to see Bif in action shortly.

Also we see Lin-Lin (aka Hidden Dragon) in action, or do we? She is meant to be invisible after all. I was tempted not to draw her in the frame at all but opted for an Invisible Woman approach - even so I faded her blue outline right back. I like the fact that when I look at that last frame she's not immediately apparent. Anyway, she's not the only invisible character to appear in Magellan - there was also Vanishing Vanessa from The Baxter Gang (in Go!Anna's dream sequence).

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Girl-A-Matic relaunch

In exciting news for the Modern Tales group of webcomics, Girl-A-Matic (GAM) - a sister site to Graphic Smash (where Magellan is primarily housed) - has relaunched with a new look and a new code base.

This code base will eventually be moved over to Graphic Smash and I'm happy to say that the comments feature appears to now be placed under the previous/next navigation buttons... the fact that, in the current/old coding the comments sit above those navigation buttons was causing a number of headaches (mainly breaking navigation on some browsers but also meaning readers had to scroll past many screens worth of comments before they could click on 'next') so I shut it down some months ago.

I always greatly appreciated the comments of readers - not only was it a great source of quick feedback it also became a community for fans of the comic. There's no date for the relaunch of Graphic Smash on that code-base but rest assured, if all goes to plan, it will be sooner rather than later and comments will return.

I must admit I haven't read all that many comics on GAM... which is naughty of me, the webcomics there are entertaining and high quality. Now the new site is up and running I plan on redressing that oversight!