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Friday, April 09, 2010

On hiatus - Magellan returns October 6, 2010

After a fair bit of deliberation I've decided I really need to take an extended break from working on Magellan - and by extended break I mean 6 months. Rotten, I know.

But the current storyline is being dragged out by late updates and missed updates and I hate doing that to you, my reader - it's totally unfair on you. The bottom line is that my day job has been taking very large chunks out of my life at the moment and it's leaving me exhausted and little real time to properly focus on developing the story nor to turn in artwork that I'm very happy with.

Apart from the six weeks I needed to take off due to shoulder injury at the end of 2009 this will be the first actual break I've taken from Magellan since starting it back in 2004.

I know this is possibly the worst moment in the course of the story to tke a break - poor Kaycee!!! That's why I did up this little 'to be continued' page to at least give her jaw a rest.

If you're thinking "he's never going to finish it" I say "I fully intend to finish it". For all my other cartooning projects in the past where I've had to take a break I have always returned to finish the story, so don't worry about that. I expect that when I do get back to production that the pages will be at 2-3 pages a week to make up for the snail's pace so far this year.

I hope you can stand by - mark October 6 2010 in your calendars as the day Magellan returns! I thank you for your readership and patience so far, I have not and will not abandon you or these fantastic characters... but I seriously need a break from it all. It will be even better when it returns.

If you're new to Magellan, now is the perfect time to catch up on everything - please see the archive.