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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crossoverkill is go!

As mentioned in a previous post, Hoodoo from Force Magellan will be participating in a crossover/team-up with characters from a number of other superhero webcomics over the coming months. Today it all kicks off with an superlative cover drawn by Aisuku (of Hero Academy) with gorgeous colours by TV’s Mr Neil (of Dasien) – check it out here!

The first page, drawn by Essay Bee (of Fusion) will go up this coming Tuesday… I’ve seen it already and have to say it is awesome, awesome stuff. I should add that the extremely nifty series logo as seen above was designed by The Red Death (of Bad Guy High).

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Magellan has moved...

I've moved the main Magellan site to a new address...

The site itself is still a work in progess as I try to get my brain around ComicPress css etc but all the pages are there - including today's brand new page. It also has comment features, RSS and a drop down archive list so you can pick any page you want.

please check it out!